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Eric LeMarque’s Inspiring 8-Day World Record Survival Story

Professional, Olympic, and world champion hockey player Eric LeMarque recounts a harrowing tale of survival–of losing his legs to frostbite and coming face-to-face with death, hell, and the grave. Eric’s inspirational story and ultimate test of survival will leave you captivated. With his will to never fail, his ability to be bigger than his biggest fears, and over-coming adversity is what this award-winning speaker examines.

Become that conduit for miracles … emerge invigorated ready to take on all that this precious life has to offer while never compromising or squandering the one you’ve been given.

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Eric’s first-hand experience as a world-class athlete and famed survivor demonstrates the gift of fulfilling your vision. The right vision is the dream that will never leave you alone, it won’t have you scratching or climbing up and over the backs of people.

Ambition is the chase for significance and it can ruin lives and make you stagger by taking the truth and distorting it–understanding what can look like a good thing can be the enemy of the right thing.

Helen Keller was once asked is there anything worse than being blind … her response, “Having sight with no vision!”

Many are Called … few are Chosen

This session is for those who dare to be the best of the best. Unleash your identity and unlock your potential. Implementing mental toughness and getting beyond mediocrity–Eric will share how to overcome fear and tap into a power greater than yourself, so that, you can see the invisible and do the impossible.

In this intensive keynote presentation, you will recognize how to place a demand on yourself and watch the break through come forth.

Cast down strongholds and find the antidote for success … as we discover–many are called but few are chosen.